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We are pleased to offer some of the finest products available for the serious marksmen. Please browse our complete line of products below. You may reach the full product listing by clicking on the product name or product picture.

Specter M145

The ELCAN SpecterM145 Optical Sight combines ELCAN’s legendary...

Specter 4x Optical Sight

The SpecterOS4x Optical Sight is a fixed power 4x optical telescopic...

Specter 4x optical sight
Specter 3x Optical Sight

The SpecterOS 3.0 is a lightweight and rugged 3x Optical Sight...

Specter 3x optical sight
Specter DR 1.5x/6x

The ELCAN SpecterDR 1.5x/6x is the second evolution in the family of...

Specter DR 1x/4x

The SpecterDR 4x/1x Dual Role Optical Sight represents a revolution in...

Heritage™ 5-25x56

The Premier HeritageTM 5-25x56 tactical riflescope is designed...

Heritage optical sight
Heritage™ 3-15x50 Light Tactical

The Premier Light Tactical 3-15x50mm riflescope is a rugged yet precise...

Heritage™ 3-15x50mm Full Tactical

The Premier HeritageTM 3-15x50 tactical riflescope is a rugged yet...

Black Optex Optical Zero Lens Alignment Adapter

The Black Optex Optical Zero Lens Alignment Adapter is an optical...

5-25x56mm Model TT525P

Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm model TT525P Rifle Telescope is an extreme-...

Tangent Theta Model TT525P
3-15x50mm Model TT315M

Tangent Theta 3-15x50mm model TT315M Rifle Telescope is an...

3-15x50mm Model TT315M
3-15x50mm Model TT315P

Tangent Theta 3-15x50mm model TT315P Rifle Telescope is a long-range...

3-15x50mm Model TT315P
SpecterDR 1x/4x- Bikini Cover
SpecterDR - Mini Red Dot Mounting plate MRD Mount Kit, Black - MRD-SDR
SpecterDR 1.5x/6x- Bikini Cover
Premier Lens Cover
Premier Objective Lens Cover Premier Objective Lens Cover
Premier Ocular Lens Cover Premier Ocular Lens Cover
Premier Scope Rings - 34mm
Premier ARD 56mm - Anti-Reflection Device - Premier Rifle Scopes Premier ARD 56mm
SPECTER DR Anti-Reflection Device - Specter DR 1x/4x DFOV14 ARD SDR Black
SPECTER DR ARD - Specter DR 1.5x/6x Anti-Reflection Device - Specter DR 1.5x/6x Black
Specter OS4x ARD - Anti-Reflection Device
Specter M145 ARD - Anti-Reflection Device